Dietitians And Nutritionists Never Eat These Foods And Drinks

A nutritionist is someone who has a degree in health and nutrition, while a registered dietitian undergoes a special program to receive a health certification. Both help others set diet plans and work with health complications. It’s no wonder why health enthusiasts crave their advice.

While registered dietitians and nutritionists often recommend healthy choices, there are plenty of foods and drinks that they don’t recommend. Some foods are even disguised as “healthy” options. Don’t be fooled; nutritionists and dietitians recommend that you avoid these foods.

Avoid Non-Fat And Low-Fat Salad Dressings

A customer pours salad dressing on her salad in a restaurant.
Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Like peanut butter, low-fat salad dressings are the wrong way to go. The fats in most salad dressings are healthy. “The fat, fat, especially something like olive oil, can actually help you better absorb nutrients from the vegetables in your salad,” explains registered dietitian Tanya Freirich.

On her blog, registered dietitian Lily Nichols says that the ingredients replacing fat are not healthy. “Aside from water, corn syrup is the main ingredient,” she details. Remember that eating fat doesn’t make you gain weight, especially with healthy fats in salad dressings.